Born in Iran in 1971, Phillip Hall-Patch is an Iranian/British, Brighton-based artist and architect working at the boundary between the two disciplines and specialising in the conceptual design of public art installations, sculpture and drawing. Within his work he investigates tensions between stability and transience, often through ephemeral and time-based works.

Phillip Hall-Patch

Phillip Hall-Patch graduated from the Diploma in Architecture at The Bartlett (UCL) in 1997, and has since worked for a number of high profile and award-winning practices, leading internationally recognised projects.

His is a practice that explores the potential and hidden meanings in space: those links specifically between memory and time. It is a practice exploring the erotic – aroused, engaged and alive to the world. A practice of touch, of change, of time based sculptures, of land based work - all explored through the understanding of creation being ultimately both a deeply personal and interpersonal process.

Contemporary architectural practice is predicated on notions of rigor. But rigor suggests "unnecessary austerity, a lifelessness in which the thinker may be in good part dead to the world" [Joanna Frueh]. In actuality we move through the world and the world moves through us.